So happy to feel my mojo returning. Last year was a tough year in the Smith household, as I know it was in so many others. My athletic, “can’t sit still” husband had two surgeries last year. His back surgery had some complications and recovery took much longer than we expected. I’m so thankful to say that he’s doing great now and is back to playing golf!

Crafting took a back seat to everything else – at least the crafting I do purely for pleasure. A couple of weekends ago I was lucky to spend four days with two great friends at a Crafty Retreat House and spent that time making 60 Christmas cards. Last year I didn’t send out the first Christmas card or even put up a tree! It was so much fun and therapeutic. It’s hard to beat the combination of crafting and girl time. We enjoyed lots of laughter, lots of giggles and lots of inspiration.

Here’s a few pictures of the cards I made. Leave me a comment and let me know if you prefer traditional colors or non-traditional colors.

Hope your mojo is thriving!

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