Mom and Eric Special MomentMother’s Day is a day for more than phone calls, eating out and flowers. Being a mother can be a complicated relationship. Mothers make an impact on our lives and personalities – by their presence or their absence.

In case you’ve ever wondered why my social media presence is My Mother’s Child, I want to share with you the dedication on my website. It’s under the Home tab and you may not have seen it. Click here to read it.

My Mom passed away 10 years ago at the age of 90 and I miss her every day. I like to think that I carry parts of her with me and pass them down to younger generations It’s one of the reasons why crafting with my grandchildren is so special. Here’s a picture of my Mom and my son (her first grandchild) when he was probably around 2 or 3. Good memories.

Whatever your Mother’s Day looks like today, I hope you are surrounded by love.

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