Soapbox Alert – It’s hard to talk about this topic, but there are times when things need to be said. Disreputable companies selling Stampin’ Up! knockoffs are one of those things. While I could name them, I don’t want to give them any recognition. If you see current Stampin’ Up! products sold ANYWHERE other than through the Stampin’ Up! website or a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, they’re fake!

This practice of selling counterfeit products makes me angry (and sad) for two reasons. One, the entire Stampin’ Up! community is negatively impacted when Stampin’ Up!’s artwork and products (intellectual property) are illegally reproduced and sold. The counterfeit methods used are brazen and sophisticated. Some companies even use the Stampin’ Up! brand name to sell their own products. These products are inferior and are being sold by counterfeiters willing to steal what they aren’t capable of producing on their own.

Two, the demonstrator involved in a sale is an integral part of a purchase.  My customers are not just a sale; they are a friend who deserves only the best. If they have a question or an issue, they call ME! I can almost guarantee that reaching out to a company who sold you a counterfeit product will not provide a pleasant customer experience.

Stampin’ Up! is actively monitoring and enforcing brand protection. Since September over 500 sellers/stores have been removed from the market and over 19,000 total infringing products!

As I step down from my soapbox, I ask that you’ll keep all of this in mind when you make your next purchase of a Stampin’ Up! product. Of course I would love your business! However, whether it’s me or someone else, please buy from someone who is doing business in an honest, ethical manner and will stand behind their product.

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