Mom on Mother's DayAfter much internal debate, I decided I would share these thoughts. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. It is a day to celebrate, and I have sent Mother’s Day cards to friends and family. However, it can be a time to remember someone we love that is no longer with us or, especially this year, someone we are not able to visit as we normally would. I don’t share this to dampen your joy in celebrating this holiday. There are two reasons I share.

First, reach out to others who are not celebrating with their Mom tomorrow with a text or a call that simply says I’m thinking of you. If you knew their Mom, share a favorite memory or maybe a photo you have that they might not have seen. Don’t worry about reminding them of someone who’s no longer here. I’m pretty sure they will be thinking of her anyway. And if it’s the first Mother’s Day without their Mom, it can be brutal. Let them know you care.

Second, though I miss my Mom every day I also have great memories that comfort me. You may have wondered why my website is My Mother’s Child. If you click on the Home button you will see a section called Dedication. Please take a moment to read it and you’ll have a glimpse of the reason.

My Mom loved people and had fun wherever she went. She loved performing (something I definitely did not inherit)! The photo on the right was taken at a 4th of July celebration at her assisted living home where she was in the Bell Choir. She told me once that she was “talked into” joining, but I don’t think it took too much talking. Well into her 80’s she was still in a line dancing group that would travel to nursing homes to perform and she was one of the first to join a second line at a wedding. She lived to be 90 and was active and engaged until her last few months.

She loved her girls, her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren, Bingo, the Lottery, a little wine, and family. It’s funny the little things that trigger wonderful memories. My son recently sent me a meme with this tomato pin cushion. He remembers it being on her sewing machine when he was growing up. My youngest granddaughter has been pointing her index finger while talking since she was tiny. My Mom did that all the time! We call Morgan “Little Lucille” and tell her stories about the great grandmother she never met. One memory that has been on my mind lately is from Mom’s 90th birthday party. Since Mom didn’t have a need (or space) for “things” it was supposed to be a no-present celebration. My cousin, her godchild, couldn’t let that happen. He gave her a roll of toilet paper because everyone needs that!! Who knew that one day that would be such a valuable and hard to find gift?!

So tomorrow will be a day of mixed emotions, but it will be a day of remembering – and that’s a good thing.

Hugs to all of you,

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